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PENTAGON QUALITY FILMS can be used on flat glass for offices and commercial buildings and are available in a wide range of shades, colours and light transmissions to fulfil any requirement (see below).


Solar Control Film dramatically reduces summer heat build up and an application will pay for itself through the energy savings the film creates in approximately 3 years.  Air conditioning costs are reduced and hot and cold spots are eliminated.  It will also reduce the sun’s glare without blocking out the view or natural light.  Window film comes with a manufacturers warranty that guarantees replacement of any film that does not perform to specification.

Solar control film can also have a significant impact on productivity:

Productivity – Solar glare and summer heat gain also adversely affect both concentration and productivity.  A research study undertaken by Wyon in the USA shows that productivity drops by a massive 40% when the temperature rises from 68 Deg F (the temperature at which productivity is at its highest) by just 7 Deg F to 75 Deg F

Building Appearance – The appearance of your building can be improved with a window film application giving it a uniform appearance, corporate identity and highlight it from other mundane office buildings.

  • Reduces solar heat gain
  • Reduces solar glare
  • Reduces UV fading
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Improved visual aesthetics
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